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ADOIT Enterprise Architect

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Model Viewer: Tooltip information for Charts

Also for Charts, additional information should be accessible via tooltips.

Model viewer: Responsive design

Macro sizing of the Model Viewer macro should be more responsive, e.g. based on available space.
7 months ago in ADOIT Enterprise Architect / ADONIS Process Manager 0 Planned

Object/Model is embedded on other Confluence pages

As a user, I want to see if a selected model or object is embedded on other pages in Confluence, so that I can easily navigate to these pages.


I would like to have the possibility to search for ADONIS/ADOIT contents directly in Confluence.

Tooltip: Preview for referenced model

A model preview should be available in the Model Viewer tooltip.

Chart Viewer: Select view

As a user, I want to select the view of the displayed chart directly on the Model Viewer macro.

French GUI language

As a user with Confluence profile language in French, I want to have the graphical user interface of the app also in French.